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Quick and Easy Access

First, getting here is pretty easy.
It is just 2.5 hours from Kyoto or 1.5 hours from Himeji on one of the limited express trains. No need to worry about transferring trains. 
From Osaka and Kobe, it is between 2.5 and 3.5 hours with limited express trains and express buses. 

When you first get here, may we suggest stoping by Kinosaki Tourist Information SOZORO. Our English speaking staff is eager to help you with any questions you may have.

Enjoy a day and night in Kinosaki Onsen
12:00pm Arrive in Kinosaki
Take the express train in the morning and arrive in Kinosaki Onsen. First head over to Sozoro, the tourist information center, for maps and details about Kinosaki Onsen.
If you have luggage, ask the staff about dropping your luggage off early at your ryokan or for information on where to store it while you explore the town.
12:30pm Lunch Time!
Stop into one of the many restaurants or cafes located along the main road near the station or at the back of town. You will find menus featuring freshly caught seafood brought in daily from the local fishing ports, Tajima beef dishes, Izushi sara soba, udon and much more.
1:30pm Ride or Walk Up the Ropeway
At the back of Kinosaki Onsen you will find the ropeway. From the top of the ropeway you can see an expansive panoramic view over the town of Kinosaki Onsen surrounded by lush mountains and nestled along the Maruyama River. On a clear day you can see out over the Sea of Japan as well. This view was given 2 stars in Michelin Green Guide Japon.
2:30pm Rest Your Feet
After your trek to the top of the ropeway, or midway, slip off your shoes and slip into one of the many hot spring foot baths, “ashi-yu”, located throughout the town. These are a perfect way to rest your feet after your long travels.
3:00pm Check in to Your Ryokan
Head to your ryokan to check-in. If you are near the front of town, you can catch the free shuttle bus in front of the station to your ryokan. After you check-in, your host/hostess will show you to your room. Take a moment to take in the simplistic beauty of your room and then change into the yukata, traditional light cotton kimono, before heading out to explore more of the town before dinner time.
3:45pm Onsen Hopping
Now to try the real treat of Kinosaki Onsen: its onsen. There are 7 public onsen bath houses in all, and they are all within walking distance. Each one has its own charm and style, from outdoor garden baths to ice-rooms. For those staying at a ryokan, most offer a free pass to all the onsen.
Don’t forget to cool down and refresh between each onsen with an ice-cream or a locally brewed Kinosaki Beer.
5:30pm Dinner Time!
If you booked a dinner with your ryokan stay, you will want to head back for dinner around 5 or 5:30pm. Many ryokan will serve you dinner in your room between 5pm and 7pm. These ryokan dinners are a real treat. They consist of seasonal dishes based on the ingredients that are available locally. Many of the dinners are also kaiseki ryori, or full-course dinners, which are a treat both for your eyes and your taste buds.
After Dinner Fun
After dinner head out onto the town again for a taste of Kinosaki Onsen’s night life. The ambience of the night is not one to be missed. Everyone heads out in their yukata to try a dip in a new onsen, play a few games in the several retro style game arcades, or grab an after dinner treat. Stroll along the river and take in the soft ambience created by the light flooding from the ryokan rooms and lanterns lining the river. 
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