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Applications now available for our Sunrise Mountain Tour

Why not see the fantastic landscape that rivals even the famous Takeda Castle Ruins? 

On crisp autumn mornings, fog rolling to the Japan Sea forms this picturesque view from the top of Mt. Kuruhi. 

Wake up early and enjoy the beautiful scenery with our Sunrise Mountain Tour. 

But it's not just a view that awaits you. All participants will get these special features too! 
Feature 1: A one-day pass for all Zentan local buses in Toyooka
Feature 2: A 30% discount off the Zentan Express Bus to Osaka or Kobe   
Feature 3: A small gift! 

The price varies based on number of participants, ranging from 2,500 JPY to 4,700 JPY per person. 

For more information & applications, please feel free to contact us at SOZORO!