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Same-day delivery services are available depending on the area.(Osaka city Kita-ku,Fukushima-ku) Please make the request “SOZORO” until 9AM. When you arrive to check in at the hotel, you will find that your luggage is waiting for you. Enjoy your holiday even more with your hands free.

Important notice

We deliver your luggage for TA-Q-BIN which applies TA-Q-BIN agreement. Also the following items cannot be sent by TA-Q-BIN.

  • Cash, bank checks, promissory notes, stock certificates and other securities
  • Cards such as credit cards and bank cards
  • Examination admission tickets, passports and vehicle inspection certificates which are difficult to replace
  • Manuscripts, original drawings, tapes and film which cannot be reproduced
  • Pets such as dogs, cats and birds
  • Poisonous and dangerous substances
  • Cremated remains, spirit tablets and Buddhist altars
  • Weapons such as firearms or swords
  • Ignitable, flammable and volatile substances, explosives such as fireworks, kerosene, gas cylinders and paint thinner
  • Parcels containing items totalling more than 300,000 JPY
  • Parcels containing confidential letters and other items which violate the law, public order or public morality
  • Parcels over Size 160 with the weight being more than 25kg

Your luggage are available to deliver at the hotel(Osaka cite,Kita-ku or Fukushima-ku) in a day(about evening)

Yamato shall not be liable to compensate for loss of or damage to goods, or delay, resulting from any of the following events:

a defect in or natural wear and tear of the goods ignition, explosion, rot, mold, decay, change in color, rust or any other similar event, caused by the nature of the goods; labor slowdown or strike, social unrest or any other incidents, or robbery; fire from cause outside control; unforeseeable extraordinary hazard to traffic conditions; arthquake, tidal wave, tidal surge, flood, storm, landslide, avalanche or other natural disaster; suspension of transport, unsealing, condemnation, attachment or surrender to any third person pursuant to laws or regulations or the exercise of public authority willful or negligent act of shipper or consignee.

not enough wrap your laggage and that has slight stain

If you have any other question, Please to contact us
Free dial 0120-01-9625
Navi dial 0570-200-000
Free dial in English 0120-17-9625
Free dial in Chainese 0120-22-9625

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