Tajima Area Activities

Beach and Cycling Set

Activity Details

Have fun in the sun this summer at Kei beach near Kinosaki! 

You can enjo9y an easy fifteen minutje bike ride to the beach from Kinosaki. With a bicycle, simple tent, and beach ball, head off to play and check your luggage at the SOZORO desk. You can have a care-free time and soak up some sun. You can take a break from your busy trip around Japan and enjoy some beach time.

1) Meeting Place 
Pease meet at SOZORO and fill out your application form.  

2) Time
Start Time Availability: 9:00~14:00 
Rental time is three hours and participants must return by 5pm. 

3) Participants 
This rental cycle requires at least 2 participants. The participation fee is set for 2 people with additional fee required for additional participants.

4) Rental Fee 
1,800 for two participants (an extra 650 yen required for each additional participant). Fee includes:
  • Three hour rental of bicycle 
  • Beach tent rental fee (one per group) 
  • Surprise beach present (one per group) 

Participation Fee

1,800 yen  / for two participants
650 yen  / per additional participant 


Period of Operation

July 1, 2019 ~ September 30, 2019 

*The activity may be cancelled due to inclement weather* 
1. The rental sets are limited and may be unavailable if already in use. 
2. Rental requests may be denied due to weather or safety concerns.  
3. This is a rental set and not a tour package.  
4. Same-day applications are available.  
5. This rental set cannot be used with any over special offers, coupons, or discounts. 
6. All participants must agree to the bicycle rental terms and conditions when filling out there application before participation. 


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*You must agree to the terms and conditions in order to request a tour.
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