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Every fall, we have some early morning tours. If you're lucky, you can see the "sea of clouds" phenomenon. If not, you will still see an amazing sunrise view. This year we have a Takeda Sunrise Tour and a Mt. Kuruhi Sunrise Tour!  They both leave early in the morning and gi...
Thank you for showing interest in Kinosaki Onsen. We are a small town with a lot to offer. Our home page has tour offerings, but we know you need more information. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for information on local events, weather, tourist spots, souvenirs, restaurants, ...
Why not ring in the new year with an early morning visit to the "Castle in the Sky"?  January 1st, 2017 SOZORO will have an early morning bus leave from Kinosaki and arrive at Takeda Castle ruins to enjoy the first sunrise of the year. Have an amazing start to an amazing new yea...

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Mt. Kuruhi Sunrise Tour
October 2017

"The weather on Saturday morning was great and we are so lucky to see the sea of clouds!! The most awesome view in the whole trip"      
Izushi Snack and Stroll Course
September 2016

"Excellent - an entire day in Izushi would be nice."     
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