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Why not ring in the new year with an early morning visit to the "Castle in the Sky"?  January 1st, 2017 SOZORO will have an early morning bus leave from Kinosaki and arrive at Takeda Castle ruins to enjoy the first sunrise of the year. Have an amazing start to an amazing new yea...
Coming Soon!  From October 15 to December 11 this year, you can enjoy an early morning trip to the top of Mt. Kuruhi and take in the scenery.  Autumn is special in the Tajima area. The temperature change sometimes causes a thick fog. If you are lucky,  you can watch the clouds...
Looking to relax after you check out but can't find a good place?  For just 2,500 yen per person, you can have a short stay at the seaside minshoku, Miharaso. It is located only a minute away from Kei beach, so you can enjoy a stroll in the sand.  The short stay includes a ...

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Izushi Snack and Stroll Course
September 2016

"Excellent - an entire day in Izushi would be nice."     
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